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We provide visual maps that clearly and professionally 

communicate essential information for NGOs. Our maps range from simple location maps of a country, project or phenomenon to complex, data-integrated cartography.


Cartographic information goes beyond stats, text and images, and is a valuable asset that;

  • supports funding proposals

  • enhances the look and feel of a website

  • effectively communicates complex actions and issues

Indigo Brownhall

Indigo Brownhall is currently working at Gather, part of the geospatial team, they are aiming to build a geospatial sanitation risk index, in order to get toilets to those who need them most. He originally started his mapping career at Durham University, and is currently studying an MSc in Geospatial Sciences (GIS and Computing) at UCL.

Before returning to the UK recently, Indigo spent 8 months working for an environmental consultant in Cambodia alongside Josh. Working with the Asian Development Bank, Mekong River Commission and GIZ, mainly focusing on flood and drought risk in rural Cambodia and Thailand. This experience facilitated a strong background in data analysis and visualisations.

Indigo also consulted for the United Nations Development Programme creating a Structured Operation Procedure for flooding in Cambodia. It is currently being implemented to efficiently warn the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology of drastic flooding in rural Cambodia.

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff‎



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