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How we can help

We provide a range of bespoke maps to suit our partners' individual needs and specific projects. We're 

mindful of the fact that our partners time and resources are limited, and therefore whilst striving for effective collaboration, we require minimal input from them.

Step 1


on how we can collaborate and what maps we could produce.


Usually over Skype or phone.

Step 2


of initial maps  following identification of needs.

Can be turned around within 1 hour to a couple of weeks depending on complexity and deadlines.

Step 3

Feedback & re-design

of maps depending on your opinions and preferences.

We see re-design as a positive process and anything can be changed from text size, colours or the whole layout.

Step 4


of maps in funding reports, websites, project operations.

Effectively communicate your valuable work, issues you are tackling or projects you are proposing.

Intelligent maps

Effective communication tools which integrate geospatial information with data


Each intelligent (data-integrated) map is completely unique and designed to effectively display complex data sets ranging from global phenomenon to project specific stats.

They includes:

  • Bubble maps

  • Heat maps

  • Proximity maps


  • 'Our Project' sections of a website

  • Specific project locations and stats on website

  • Funding reports

  • Geospatial aid for technical/work on the ground

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